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“Cannabidiol or CBD for short, is a primary component to cannabis. CBD is one of more than 150 phytocannabinoids unique to cannabis and grouped under the term “cannabinoids”. CBD, as well as THC, are the terms we hear most often.”

CBD has shown promising potential benefits for various ailments and illnesses.  However, due to current FDA guidelines, we are not allowed to legally talk about any specific potential health benefits from taking CBD or other cannabinoids. However, if you are looking for informaton on the benefits of cbd, we encourage you to visit and specifically their page that lists common ailments and illnesses that CBD may benefit:

s: Does CBD Produce A Psychotropic High?

Answer: “The answer is both yes and no.  CBD, taken alone does not have psychoactive affects. The feeling of being “high” is caused by the psychoactive affects when THC binds to CB1 and CB2 nerve receptors in our brains and all throughout our bodies. Unlike THC, CBD does not bind with CB1 or CB2. However, certain CBD products do contain up to .3% of THC, and if one were to consume enough of the product, one could get a psychotropic effect.”

“Hemp Based CBD products are manufactured to be Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, and Isolate based products. 

    Full Spectrum: Products that are manufactured to provide the full profile of the hemp plant, including up to .3% of THC. Full Spectrum products are the most beneficial because they contain a variety of cannabinoids, terpenes, fatty acids/lipids, and even chloraphyll from the plant, which all have potential health benefits for the user. These types of products are beneficial for users who are looking for the full experience and full possible health benefits of hemp based products.

  Broad Spectrum: These types of products are similar to Full Spectrum products in which they contain the “full profile” of the hemp plant but an extra step is added in the manufacturing process, where as much THC is isolated as possible. Trace amounts of THC may still contain in the product. These types of products are beneficial for users who may be looking for the full potential benefits of hemp but want to consume the least possible amount of THC. 

  Isolates: Unlike Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum products, these types of products contain only one active ingredient from the Hemp Plant. For example, if one were to purchase a CBD Isolate Tincture, the only active ingredient would be CBD. Likewise, if one were to purchase a CBG Isolate Tincture, the only active ingredient would be CBG and would not contain any CBD. These types of products are beneficial for users who are looking for the potential benefits of a single phytocannabinoid. 

The entourage effect is achieved when you consume the hemp plants full “profile”(This includes: cannabinoids, terpenes, lipids and fatty acids, chloraphyll, etc). Taking a Full Spectrum Product will help to achieve the entourage effect. You are not only getting the full “healing” potential of the plant but by consuming these different compounds from the hemp plant, causing these compounds to boost each other’s effects on the body. For example, pairing both CBD and Terpenes together, may help boost CBD’s effectiveness and deliver to other parts of the body.

Marijuana and Hemp both fall under the term “cannabis”. However, the main difference between the two is their CBD and THC content. Typically, marijuana will have higher THC and lower CBD percentages compared to Hemp. Although, marijuana is legal in some states, it is still federally regulated and deemed illegal. Hemp is also federally regulated, however, it is federally legal as long as it’s cannabinoid profile contains less than .3% of delta 9 THC.

Since CBD interacts with everyone differently, there is technically not a correct dosage recommendation. Every CBD product is different and is extracted from various strains of hemp. Also, every user is unique and CBD interacts with one’s body and endocannabinoid system differently. We encourage the user to look at the manufacturer’s dosing recommendation but ultimately, the user will be able to determine their own dosage preference.

There have been numerous studies about human and pet interactions with CBD. However, as mentioned above, due to current FDA regulations we are not allowed to talk about the benefits of taking CBD or other cannabinoids. We recommend you talking with your veterinarian for suggestions and conducting your own research. Again, is a reference we recommend to our customers. 

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