Today, many people use CBD for a variety of purposes. Commonly used by anxiety sufferers, those with chronic pain, and more, CBD has definitely grown in popularity in recent years. And, so have the ways to administer it.


Now, CBD can be delivered via topical formula, an edible, or even a simple tincture. And, when it comes to buying a CBD tincture, Raleigh, NC residents need look no further than Hemp Times!

Simple to Use

In Raleigh, NC CBD tincture users love the fact that tinctures are incredibly easy to administer. Furthermore, they can be administered via the user’s preferred method.


For example, most tinctures can easily be added to food or drink if that’s how you prefer to take them. They can also be administered under the tongue or topically depending on what the person is trying to achieve.


Ultimately, though, the fact that tinctures can be used as desired makes them a great choice for almost anyone, especially those who are new to CBD. It allows them to experiment and determine how using CBD will work best for them.

Easy Dosage Control

Another feature that makes CBD tinctures popular is the fact that they are made to be administered via a dropper. Most high quality brands provide a dropper with measurement markings. When you’re new to CBD and not sure how you’ll react or when you’re trying a new tincture, this fact is much appreciated.


You can try 0.25 ml or even a full ml, judge the effects, and then add more drops if needed. This allows you to achieve the perfect dose for you. Proper, customized dosing is harder with edibles or other CBD delivery methods.


Easy Transport

Finally, when people buy CBD tinctures, they find that they are very easy to carry around, as well as inconspicuous.


Tinctures typically come in small bottles with a lid with a dropper attached. You can carry this bottle in your purse or pocket, whip it out when you need, take your drops, and then go on about your business.


This can help you to avoid questions about what you’re using and why and can just make for a more comfortable, easy experience all around.

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As you can see, many people really enjoy using tinctures to get their CBD. While you can and should use whichever method works best for you, definitely give this one a try if you haven’t before!


Here at Hemp Times Inc, we have tinctures, as well as other forms of CBD in Raleigh, NC. So, shop with us today to get exactly what you need!