CBD has become very popular. People use it for a wide variety of purposes and reasons, and they also use it in different ways. One such way is through a tincture, which is basically CBD in a liquid form. This liquid can be added to food or drink, applied topically in some cases, or simply placed under the tongue for fast absorption. 


People love the freedom of being able to use tinctures whenever and however they want. However, there are other benefits of tinctures as well. And, when it comes to trying a CBD tincture, Cary, NC residents need look no further than Hemp Times Inc. We proudly offer tinctures, as well as a variety of other great CBD products.

You Only Need a Little

In Cary NC CBD tincture users often love that they don’t have to take large doses of tinctures in order to get the desired effects. In fact, depending on the tincture you’re using and its desired purpose.


This enables your tincture to last for a very long time. One purchase can last for months, if not longer, helping you to save money and hassle. Again, this depends on your own tolerance and also the brand and concentration of the product. 


Here at Hemp Times NC, we’re always happy to educate you on our products and help you determine a dosing amount and schedule that could work for you. So, don’t hesitate to ask us for help if you’re feeling lost!

Tinctures are Easy to Store

Since CBD tinctures last the average person for so long, it’s only fitting that they typically have a very long shelf life to match. So, you don’t have to worry so much about them going bad or becoming ineffective.


For best results, just store your tincture in a cool, dry area, shake well before use, and always put the lid on tightly to avoid evaporation. Nothing could be easier!

Tinctures Work Quickly

Once you buy CBD tinctures and give them a try, you will quickly discover that they work very fast, especially when applied under the tongue.


Tinctures are absorbed into the body quickly where they can go to work just as fast. If you use tinctures to treat certain symptoms of an illness or condition and you need relief fast, a tincture is the best way to get it!


Please keep in mind that CBD tinctures can work quickly, once the user builds up the amount of phytocannabinoids in their body. Similar to some traditional medicines, such as allergy medication, taking hemp based products via this delivery method is most effective once those cannabinoids are built up in one’s system. 


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Whether you’re a seasoned tincture user or you’d just like to give this option a try, we invite you to shop with us in Cary, NC. We’re here to answer your questions and address your concerns, so don’t ever feel like you’re shopping alone. Let us know how we can serve you!