CBD or cannabidiol products have become very popular in recent years. People use these products, which can be delivered as edibles, oils, tinctures, and more, in a variety of ways and for many different purposes. If you’ve been curious about CBD or want to try it, turn to the trusted staff here at Hemp Times Inc.


Unlike some other retailers, we’re not just trying to get in on a trend. Instead, we believe in the power of CBD and are extremely knowledgeable about it. We always do our best to help our customers find the right products to meet their needs. So, when you search for CBD near me in Raleigh, NC make sure we’re your first choice!

Anxiety Relief

When it comes to CBD, Raleigh, NC residents use it for a wide range of reasons. One of the most common, however, is to help alleviate their anxiety symptoms.


Many people who suffer from anxiety experience debilitating symptoms. They often feel like their only option is to take strong pharmaceutical drugs, many of which have undesirable side effects or can make them feel disconnected and not like themselves.


However, some individuals have found that using CBD helps to reduce or even eliminate their anxiety symptoms which is why they turn to this more natural approach. The thinking is that the brain responds to CBD by producing serotonin, a natural, feel-good chemical that can improve mood and reduce anxiety. 

Pain Relief

In Raleigh, NC CBD is also commonly used for pain relief, sometimes as a replacement for strong and potentially addictive prescription pain medications. 


People who use CBD often comment on its anti-inflammatory properties, which could explain part of why so many find it effective for pain relief. Other research suggests that it is how CBD interacts with the brain’s receptors that allow it to alleviate pain.


In any case, many individuals have found it effective for helping to manage the symptoms and pain related to injuries, arthritis, muscle pain, and more. 

Cancer Symptoms Relief

Perhaps one of the most talked about CBD uses is as an aid for cancer-related symptoms. Many people also promote CBD’s ability to reduce the symptoms related to common cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy. 


Pain and nausea relief are the most common reasons that cancer sufferers use CBD. Some people also believe that CBD may have anticancer properties and can ward off cancer or inhibit its spread. 


While the FDA has not come out and approved of these types of claims and while CBD is definitely no substitute for professional medical treatment, a lot of people have reported good results from using it.

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