Can Vaping Affect My Health?

If you’re a longtime vaper, you may have asked yourself once or twice, “can vaping affecting my health?”

People bounce back and forth on this topic, so we’re here to provide some clarity. Not all CBD vaping is bad, but there are some bad alternatives out there if you’re uninitiated.

While health experts agree that CBD itself when vaped is safe. That only applies to high-quality CBD vape juice. As the number of CBD brands rises, the number of unhealthy products, toxic ingredients, and faulty vapes will also increase.

Here’s a closer exploration of the question “can vaping affect my health?” and how you can avoid them for better products.

The Problem with Vaping Unregulated Products

Vaping CBD causes you to feel its effects at a faster rate than other methods of consumption.

In fact, experts say that inhaling a substance makes the dosage four times more potent.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but for unregulated products, there are potentially harmful chemicals going into your body. These are things like extra additives, flavor chemicals, and even material from the vape pen itself.

Let’s explore these a bit further…

Thinning Agents/Carrier oils

The primary thinning agent/ingredient that makes the CBD “vape-able” is Propylene Glycol which is typically included in most vape juices (both CBD and nicotine-based).

They’re Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) by the FDA when used in food products. This means it’s safe to eat when it goes into the digestive system.

However, there are alternatives that are regarded as safer including hemp seed oil. This substance is extracted from the seeds of the cannabis Sativa plant, the same plant that produces CBD making it a great natural carrier.

Flavoring additives

Flavoring additives are exactly what they sound like. They’re flavors added to the oil in order to give the vape a more enjoyable taste.

But there are thousands of different flavoring blends so it can be time-consuming to determine which ones are safer to ingest than others. Plus, each juice could have different health effects.

Flavor additives typically include ingredients generally regarded as safe for ingestion.

Can You Vape Pure CBD?

If the CBD vape additives are potentially causing harm, couldn’t you just vape pure CBD and skip all the filler?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Pure CBD oil is thick and goopy, and would not work in a vape. If you’re concerned about what’s in your vape, we recommend either researching oils with more natural carriers or. If you’re concerned about the flavoring, we recommend looking into only a few flavors on your own and sticking with those flavors/flavoring brand. Or looking up reviews to determine what other people recommend as safe.

Moving Forward

In the beginning, we addressed the real-world health issues that some poorly made vapes caused. While it’s extremely unfortunate that those people were adversely affected, those numbers are far too small to reflect the wider groups of people who also vape.

This is because CBD vapes don’t have nicotine or other ingredients/carcinogens that are activated by combustion.

So, feel free to vape with confidence!

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